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⁣⁣If you are an unsigned artist looking for a little notoriety you can feel free to submit your music to WHRFM. If you want others to hear the new sound you been working on, we will make sure it gets out into the world. The best part is that getting your music on WHFM is completely free! We appreciate artists just starting their careers and want nothing more than to give them a serious venue to release their work and garner a larger fan base

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Growing up on top of a sewer, numerous run-ins with shady producers, and uniting a nation through music. A legendary musician who impacted the world in so many ways, here's the untold truth of Bob Marley.

#bobmarley #musician #singer the guy didn't exist | 0:00
Tuff Gong | 1:19
A painful and fortunate accident | 2:19
An influential tutor | 3:33
Cheated by his first producer | 4:49
A message for his mother | 6:04
Jesus with his disciples | 7:10
Converting to Rastafarianism | 8:12
Cheated by a legend | 9:30
Another difficult business relationship | 10:39
They exuded power | 11:45
Nearly killed while promoting peace | 12:44
Kurtis, I like your stuff | 14:07
Bob Marley's death | 15:03
His spiritual resting place | 16:03
Marley's hot on the box | 17:18
The Bob Marley Foundation | 18:16

Voiceover by: Tim Bensch

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One Love How Kingsley Ben-Adir became Bob Marley on the set of Barbie #news #bbc 31 January 2024


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I Never Knew TV has collaborated with The Lion's Voice Network to bring authentic Ras Tafari and pan-African voices to our ever growing platform. The Lion's Voice Network prides itself in allowing the Lion's to tell their own story and with our example of pan-African cooperation in action we are confident that the Lions time has truly come! Enjoy and remember to like, comment and share!

Spragga Benz is a legendary Jamaica dancehall deejay and actor.

In part 1 of this reasoning, Spragga Benz speaks about his role in the classic gangster movie 'Shottas'. Spragga Benz also shares what the movie 'Shottas' taught him about loyalty.

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#shottas #ineverknewtv

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Comedian #billbellamy shares his thoughts about #kattwilliams after the interview that captured everyone's attention!

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Official music video for Nicki Minaj feat. Fivio Foreign "We Go Up", available everywhere now:

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Aye yo
This week Rarri
Next week Lambo
Bitch I’m fly
I don’t land tho
This they funeral
Start the service
Say my name
Make em nervous
These bitches is salty I give them pressure
These bitches is salty pass me the peppa
These bitches be jackin me like the rippa
I am a hustla I could sell water to flippa
I know they t-baggin bitches is testy
Get you a vacuum bitches is messy
Let’s see
After all of that surgery you are still ugly
Now that is what gets me
This shit ain’t new to me shit is just new to y’all
I wish a bitch would upon a shooting star
You thought you witnessed my final Coup de Grace
Look up! We shootin stars

Sitting in the back of the Benz and my feet go up
Bitches don’t come outside when the beef go up
But I love the way they mob when we roll up
These bitches bums when I see them they make me throw up
I wish a bitch would spin I’m like please show up
When you talk to me please don’t bring a cheap hoe up
You keep talking bout a bitch for the streets grow up
Cause you the type to say that shit and knock a freak hoe up

I'm bout to make you regret you chose me as a enemy bitch
Southside Jamaica we mobbin them bricks so pull up wit da blicks
Some of the best shooters out of New York they don’t play wit da Knicks
That ain't Fivio Foreign, that’s Barbie new foreign bitch
These nah dat ain't Reebok, we back on that ewok
Percocets gotta detox firearms gone get restocked
Shooters hitting that G-spot
Bitches imitate
Please stop
Suck his dick like a freeze pop
First he gotta give me top
Louie bag oh that Louie bag more colorful than a peacock
Weak niggas gotta get the boot gotta get the boot with no treetop
He was like “Who dat? She bad” I was like “Oh dats bestie”
I could be all the way covered it’s still givin sexy
I know they sleeping on me bitches got epilepsy
I don’t do coke little bitch I don’t even do Pepsi
Let’s see
How you don’t like me but tryna do everything like me?
That is what gets me!

Sitting in the back of the Benz and my feet go up
Bitches don’t come outside when the beef go up
But I love the way they mob when we roll up
These bitches bums when I see them they make me throw up
I wish a bitch would spin I’m like please show up
When you talk to me please don’t bring a cheap hoe up
You keep talking bout a bitch for the streets grow up
Cause you the type to say that shit and knock a freak hoe up

Go on a Drill and I make it look good to you
I tell my shooter to bully you
That nigga gone kill you as soon as I look at you
I never say what I wouldn’t do
Open the door and I shoot out the bulletproof
I’m with a baddie she love the aggression
I’m with a demon he wanna get reckless
I’m showing em growth and I’m teaching em lessons
I watch how I’m moving cause I’m the investment
Fucc her all night and I go and get breakfast
I don’t do paperwork or confessions
I don’t do internet shows or texting
Shoot up the party that’s sending a message
Them niggas started us
The bulletproof is like a guarded truck
Ain’t no blicky with me, I got Nicki with me and she Barbied up
If we see em we shooting the party up
We ain’t squashing so don’t try to sorry us
I got rich friends and they b Rarri’d up
If they want to they shooting the Garvey Up
Fivi spazzing, 2 shows backend
Fendi Fashion, Fendi Fashion
I put yah brains onna napkin, I tell my demons to wack em
My nigga died then that nigga died
I don’t even know how it happen

Pink Rolls truck and my feet go up
Bitches don’t come outside when the beef go up
But I love the way they mob when we roll up
Bums when I see them they make me throw up
I wish a bitch would spin I’m like please show up
When they come to Queens seas all the fees go up
I said we out, you can't breeze with us
And my wrist always on ice time, freeze it's us

#nickiminaj #fivioforeign #wegoup

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Likkle Addi ft. Likkle Vybz - Euphoric Love (Official Music Video)
2022 Uptowngazarecords

Distributed by Onerpm

Folllow Likkle Vybz:

Likkle Addi:

#likkleaddi #likklevybz #euphoriclove #uptowngazarecords

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⁣Cold World: Man Gets Brutally Beat And Robbed At Gas Station In Spain!

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⁣Terrifying Video Shows Mother And Her Daughter Attacked By Man In Raincoat!

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⁣Reggae singer Chronixx is calling out Spotify for allowing unauthorized music to appear on his account.
Over the last five years, the popular streaming service has been plagued by scam artists tagging prominent names in songs that appear as collaborations, making it visible on their accounts. Chronixx became a victim of the scam this month, with a ‘Brahma’ label uploading two songs to his account: A Nuhb (sic) Long Talk and the rather explicit Manuva.
The Smile Jamaica singer spoke out against the atrocity in his Instagram Stories over the weekend.
“My Spotify is not hacked,” he declared. “@spotify literally allows anyone to post music to my official account as chronixx. They will invite us to the black music department stuff to sing and “talk” but absolutely no security for our music on their platform in fact. Anyways…love.”

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⁣Reggae singer Queen Ifrica says there’s a narrative that women who share romantic history with a man can’t peacefully coexist, and she wants Rita Marley and Cindy Breakspeare to disprove it.
The Black Woman singer wants Bob Marley’s wife and former mistress to meet publicly amid the backlash Breakspeare has been getting for reminiscing on their affair.
“I would love for Cindy and Rita to, in this modern time, you guys are still alive and heterosexual black family relationships is under attack, it would be nice for you guys to meet up and mek the world see seh Cindy and Rita good, so the narrative that dem trying to shape around Jamaican women right across the board being bitter and ignorant side chicks and baby mothers, and no respect nah put round the names of these women, considering all the efforts and all the sacrifices made,” Ifrica argued in a recent Instagram Live.

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⁣Dancehall artiste Intence made sure that the man whose speech he used in his latest song titled ‘SHH’ got paid. The payment of 100,000JMD comes on the heels of the man putting out a video on social media requesting payment.

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#breakfastclub #usher #jesshilarious
#trickdaddy #offset #cardib #larsapippen #marcusjordan

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#mikeepps #shannonsharpe

Mike Epps does a stand up about meeting shannon sharpe all star weekend

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Ghost starts the New Year with Brand New Music Video "Despite It All"

The video is co-directed by Ghost and Rayebann Entertainment.
It's an MS Productions
Available on all streaming platforms

#ghostreggae #despiteitall #bountykilla #reggae #dancehall

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