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The legendary Usher joins Shannon Sharpe at Club Shay Shay for a drink and chat that goes far beyond the music charts. Usher gives the inside scoop on his upcoming performance during the Super Bowl Halftime Show and drops a bombshell – he was once slated to be part of a mega group featuring Jay-Z, Pharrell, and Diddy. Usher and Shannon delve into the what-ifs of this powerhouse collaboration. Past the hypotheticals, Usher discusses his the definitive moments of his career, including his Vegas residency that recently wrapped up. Then, Usher provides an inside scoop to the sides of showbiz many people never get to experience, like what really went down at Diddy's Flavor Camp. As if being an 8x Grammy Winning pop icon wasn't enough of a job for Usher, he also reveals that he was once the babysitter of none other than Beyoncé. As the secrets and stories unfold it becomes clear that this episode is more than a conversation, it's a backstage pass to the stories behind the stage, all served with a side of Usher's signature charisma.

Additionally, Usher talks about his upcoming album, COMING HOME, dropping just 2 days before the big game.

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Club Shay Shay is a weekly podcast hosted by Shannon Sharpe – 3x Super Bowl champion, member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame and co-host of First Take on ESPN. Each week Shannon will sit down with athletes, celebrities and influencers to break down, analyze and discuss the latest headlines in sports, pop culture and everything in-between. Get on the VIP list at Club Shay Shay NOW and never miss an episode!

Usher On Babysitting Beyoncé, Mega Group With Jay-Z, Pharrell & Diddy & The Super Bowl Halftime Show | EP. 105

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