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On The Stephen A. Smith Show, Smith gives you his renowned point of view, breaking barriers beyond the world of sports, and tackling pertinent issues across entertainment, pop culture, society, business, and politics. Three times a week, you'll hear his LIVE unfiltered opinions on the day's biggest headlines as well as straight-shooting interviews with top celebrities, game-changers, and thought leaders across the societal arena.

The Stephen A. Smith Show is sure to entertain, inform, and motivate anyone who tunes in.

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Boosie sits down with the Big Facts crew in this candid interview. He delves into his latest musical endeavors and entrepreneurial ventures while reflecting on his personal growth and evolution. From navigating censorship and cancel culture to discussing his family life and the legacy he's building with Boosie estates, Boosie shares insights on staying true to himself amidst societal pressures. Tune in as he also hints at upcoming collaborations with longtime friend and fellow artist Webbie, promising viewers an inside look into his multifaceted world.

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Trick Daddy revealed that he was better known for being somewhat of a "shooter" than a rapper when he signed his first record deal. Despite his past, the founder of Slip-N-Slide Records saw potential in him, something that Trick Daddy said the founder probably didn't understand at first because of his past reputation. He confirmed that he used to write down his songs and later would demonstrate his rapping abilities. The turning point came when he entered a rap contest, pushing him from being an unknown entity to landing his first record deal. From then on, Trick Daddy devoted his time to writing and producing music. He said that the label "promoted the hell" out of everything they released, which was a key to his and the record label's success. Despite his difficult past and previous reputation, Trick Daddy was able to successfully transition into the music industry to tell his story and genuinely connect with his audience.

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Join #benzino on #drinkchamps as he dives into hip hop history, industry drama, his feud with Eminem, the origins of the Source Awards, and much much more. This episode is filled with personal experiences, reflections on the music industry, and insights into Benzino's relationships with other artists. From controversial stories to heartfelt moments, this episode has it all make sure you stick around.

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