Queen Ifrica Wants Rita Marley, Cindy Breakspeare To Show Unified Front By Meeting Publicly

21 Views· 02/20/24
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⁣Reggae singer Queen Ifrica says there’s a narrative that women who share romantic history with a man can’t peacefully coexist, and she wants Rita Marley and Cindy Breakspeare to disprove it.
The Black Woman singer wants Bob Marley’s wife and former mistress to meet publicly amid the backlash Breakspeare has been getting for reminiscing on their affair.
“I would love for Cindy and Rita to, in this modern time, you guys are still alive and heterosexual black family relationships is under attack, it would be nice for you guys to meet up and mek the world see seh Cindy and Rita good, so the narrative that dem trying to shape around Jamaican women right across the board being bitter and ignorant side chicks and baby mothers, and no respect nah put round the names of these women, considering all the efforts and all the sacrifices made,” Ifrica argued in a recent Instagram Live.

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