Trick Daddy on Signing 1st Record Deal: I Was Known for Being a Shooter, Not a Rapper (Part 6)

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Trick Daddy revealed that he was better known for being somewhat of a "shooter" than a rapper when he signed his first record deal. Despite his past, the founder of Slip-N-Slide Records saw potential in him, something that Trick Daddy said the founder probably didn't understand at first because of his past reputation. He confirmed that he used to write down his songs and later would demonstrate his rapping abilities. The turning point came when he entered a rap contest, pushing him from being an unknown entity to landing his first record deal. From then on, Trick Daddy devoted his time to writing and producing music. He said that the label "promoted the hell" out of everything they released, which was a key to his and the record label's success. Despite his difficult past and previous reputation, Trick Daddy was able to successfully transition into the music industry to tell his story and genuinely connect with his audience.

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